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A word about a local humanitarian organization.


What is 'GIGG'L"?

How do they do this?

  • By arranging stunning parties & events, complete with delicious food & magnificent entertainment, allowing the patients & their families to escape harsh reality for a precious
    few hours
  • To whom do they cater?
  • “GIGG’L” serves a plethora of families in the tri-state area & beyond, with children who
    are battling dreaded diseases.

Who runs it?

    GIGG’L” is run by its Founder & President Menachem Tzvi Roseman,
    under the guidance of its board of directors
    & with close rabbinic consultation

  •  How did Menachem Tzvi Roseman come to be involved in a project of this nature?
  • Menachem Tzvi began his career of cheering ill children when the daughter of a
    closefriend, Rabbi Yisroel Landsman, took ill & battled a dreaded disease for several
  • Throughout this long & arduous road, Menachem Tzvi continuously searched for
    ways & means to bring cheer & good spirits to Rabbi Landsman’s ill daughter & her
    family at large.
  • Menachem Tzvi was there for them 24/7. Literally. 
  • Sadly, four years after Nechama was diagnosed, Rabbi Landsman, himself, was
    diagnosed, as well, with a dreaded disease & passed away only a few short months
    after his dear beloved daughter.

  • This experience & his upbringing in a warm, caring home, where looking out for your
    friend, neighbor or acquaintance & going the extra mile for them, was standard
    protocol, provided Menachem Tzvi with the impetus to embark on this ambitious,
    arduous undertaking & create “GIGG’L,” which he founded in 2013.

  What does it look like in real life?

  • Well, we’ve seen “GIGG’L” in action at one of their many parties & they are
    absolutely amazing! I would even say, “delightfully overwhelming!”
  • The beautiful array of happy lights! The superb props! The fantastic, colorful
  • The delicious, plentiful food! The beautiful, lively music! The trained, dedicated &
    professional volunteers! The exciting games! The fun toys! The generous gifts that
    they distribute!
  • And most importantly, the giggles & the smiles on the children’s & their families’
  • We were awestruck by the outpouring of love & care exuded by “GIGG’L,” & this
    feeling is clearly reflected on the children’s radiant faces!
  • It’s absolutely an amazing, mind-blowing experience!

“GIGG’L” utilizes many avenues
to stretch each dollar spent to the maximum.

  • For example, “GIGG’L” is staffed entirely by volunteers, which cuts down
    significantly on the costs.

  • Another example, President & Founder Menachem Tzvi Roseman, has built many
    valuable relationships with vendors & venues over the years & can often get a very
    reduced rate on services, products & venues, again significantly cutting down costs.
  • Finally, “GIGG’L” does not employ professional fundraisers, ensuring that every
    dollar raised is directly applied toward helping the children & their families.
  • And yet, “GIGG’L” is dependent on the public’s generosity to continue their
    blessed work.
  • It is the broader community that it depends on to fund their activities & enable
    them to continue to bring smiles & relief to the ill children & their families.
  • If you would like to donate to “GIGG’L”, or perhaps would consider sponsoring
    a party, or would like to assist in any other way, please contact them!
  • You’ll be glad you did.

    “GIGG’L” is a 501c3 approved organization.

  • To learn more about “GIGG’L”, please visit their webpage:
    or follow them on Instagram at giggl_official or e-mail Menachem Tzvi Roseman,
    President & Founder, directly at
  • Please make checks out to: “GIGG’L.” Their mailing address is 515 East 9th street,
    Brooklyn, New York 11218




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