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We have added a lot more Q & A about Purim

Ask The Rabbi


Is there a mitzvah to eat meat at the Purim Seudah?
 Could I make a dairy meal instead? 


How many people must we give Shaloch Manos to on Purim



What is required in a Shaloch Manos basket?


Should I sent Shaloch Manos to my friend who lost her mother this year?


If you are in you in mourning, do you give Shaloch Manos?

Yes but keep it simple


It's not always easy for a woman, to make it to shul to hear Parashat Zachor.
How much of an effort must I make?


Where does the custom of making noise
when Haman’s name is mentioned come from?


The Talmud (Taanis 29a) states, Mi-Shenichnas Adar Marbim Bi'Simcha,
when Adar begins, we increase our joy and happiness.
Does this mitzvah
apply to both the first & second month of Adar
or only to the second Adar, the month in which Purim falls?

This year there are two months of Adar.
When is a yahrtzeit
(the anniversary of a parent’s death) observed?
In the first Adar or the second?

Also, thirteen years ago there was only one Adar.

When does a boy born at that time celebrate his Bar Mitzvah,
during the first Adar or the second?




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