About Potatoes

Are boiled potatoes that were made without any Jewish involvement
subject to the prohibition of bishul akum (cooked by a non Jew) ?

If potatoes are subject to bishul akum, what about potato chips?
Must kosher certified potato chips have bishul Yisroel status?

The previous Halacha Yomis quoted Rav Belsky’s view that although
cooked potatoes are subject to bishul akum, potato chips are not.

What about French fries? Are they like potatoes or like potato chips?

A non Jew cooked a potato 1/2 way or more & a Jew completed the cooking,
is the food categorized as bishul Yisrael or bishul Akum?

May one eat instant potatoes that were initially cooked by a non Jew
& dehydrated & then reconstituted & cooked by a Jew?

Do instant potatoes that can be reconstituted
with cold water require bishul Yisroel?

In a previous Halacha Yomis, it was explained that since instant potatoes
are made with steam, they are not subject to bishul akum.

Can you please explain why this is so?





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