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Woman making Challah

What is the minimum amount of flour required to take Challah?



I forgot to take 'Challah' from the challas I baked for Shabbas.
I realized it just before Kiddush.
Is there anything I should or could have done?

How do we 'take' Challah?


Why do we dip the Challah in salt?


Washing cup for use when washing for a meal with bread

I was raised to pour water up to my wrist 3 times.
But I've seen others go up only to their knuckles & only 2 times.
What is the correct way?


Copper washing cup with two handles for mourning washing ritual

When my kids were younger, I jumped out of bed
to get everyone ready for school. Now they're older so I'd like to do the
morning hand washing but I'm embarrassed to ask my husband how to do it.


With kids coming in & out of our bedroom
it's not practical to keep the water next to my bed.
Is there another way to do it?

If you follow 1 of the procedures below then you may 'Modeh Ani'
before you get out of bed



A box for tzedaka (charity)

I was taught I have to give Tzedaka to everyone who comes to my door.
But during the recession there are so many needy people.
I can't afford to give everyone $ 18 like I used to do.

You do have to give to everyone

You do not have to give what you can't afford



Glatt Kosher Meat For Sale    Cholov Yisroel Milk for Sale

Should I continue to buy glatt kosher meat & cholov yisroel milk
when it means that I can't pay even the reduced tuition for my kids yeshivas?


Every Day Family Questions & Answers

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