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all over the US, Australia, Canada, England, Israel & South Africa

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It's much easier to understand the info from Kosher Woman
than from most magazines.
Queens, NY

My husband travels to the US a lot for business & I go with him sometimes.
So we really appreciate the Guest Friendly Shul pages.
Vancouver, Canada

I really like your home page.
It's easy to read because it's not cluttered with a bunch
of pop-up ads like so many of the other websites.
San Diego, CA

I live in a city without any Kosher grocery stores.
So thanks for putting pictures of products on your recipes.
It really helps me know which products are kosher
This way, I know what to look for at the chain stores.
Larimie, WY

The newsletter is really terrific!
I make a copy of it because my husband likes the Q & A about Jewish laws.
Milwaukee, WI

The healthy recipes especially the vegan ones
& the make it your self recipes are great!
Johannesburg, South Africa

Thanks for the Healthy Recipe in each newsletter.
I always try them & like the results.
Woodmere, NY

Thanks for all pages on foot problems.
I never realized that high heels could cause so many problems.
Plantation, FL

My family is really benefiting from the Blizzard of Recipes!
Winnepeg, Canada

I'm loving the Do-It-Yourself hair masks & face masks
Silver Spring, MD

Needed to know how to get kosher Passover cooking oil
because no kosher stores in our town.
Kosher Woman answered me the same day.
Ainsworth, NE

Not too many Jews in Maine so I really enjoy
your website & the newsletter.
Concord, ME

Your health section is very informative.  Please keep me in the loop. 
Encino, CA

What a great site!
I found you by looking at the ads on The Jewish Press on-line site.
You have everything I need and care about. Hatzlacha rabah!"
Kew Garden Hills, NY

Please thank whoever researches the foods for Foods That Heal
cause I've found the lists unbelievably helpful.
United Kingdom

I am shomer Shabbos & love your site. it is very Informative & I really like your
healthy recipes. Keep up the good work that you do!
New York

What a fabulous website! It is filled with such interesting information
& I could easily get addicted to your KosherWoman. 
Well done for creating such  a useful site!
Irvine, CA

I enjoy your website very much. Thank you for sending me your newsletters.
I'm learning so much I didn't know.
Amsterday, Netherlands

My husband travels a lot & sometimes can’t get home for Shabbas
so the Guest Friendly Shuls info has helped him out a couple of times already.
Aventura, FL

There were some great pieces on Prayer... I could spend all day on there!
Los Angeles, CA

I'm embarrased to ask my husband or my Rabbi some questions.
Prayer & Halacha Q & A pages.
Suffern, NY

Thanks for the information on Vitamin D
There’s not very much in the way of warm sunny days here.
Edmonton, Canada

The chart with 20 Kosher Diets is fabulous!  Thanks for saving me time.
Englewood, NJ

I’m out here in the ‘boondocks’ so I really appreciate all the information
on Kosher Passover products! You're right that they put kosher products
that are not kosher for Passover right next to the Passover products.
Springfield, MO

Thanks for KosherWoman.
I have forwarded a link to all my friends. It is very well written and comprehensive.
Seattle, WA

I never understood how to check the different Kosher symbols
so I made a copy of the Kosher Supervision Chart & take it with me when I shop.
South Bend, IN

Thanks for the sauce recipes... hope there’s more to come!
Savion, Israel

Keep the inspiration coming
Denver, CO

The health information is just the sort of stuff I need when I’m up at midnight
& frantic about a sudden weird symptom. Keep it coming…
West Side Manhattan, NY

I look at kosher women often, it is wonderful!
Tucson, AZ

Love your site... especially helpful to those of us learning to be more observant
Bakersfield, CA

You’re definitely living up to your promise about being a quick & easy read.
Bloomington Hills, MI

I’m modern orthodox & went to yeshiva from Kindergarten - Stern College
Since everyone was religious they didn’t give us the type of info I’m learning
from the Q & A Prayer page & your bracha pages.
Queens, NY

You’re right on target. 
I don’t have the time to read long articles – your site is just what the doctor ordered.
Chicago, IL

Thanks for the calendar with the holiday dates til 2016. It's really helpful.
Philadelphia, PA

Love the diet plan chart - so easy to compare!
Manchester, England

Kol Hakovod
Monsey, NY 

KosherWoman.com suits my position
in the modern Orthodox world better than most reading.
Minneapolis, MN

Great site you have... so much good info that I can run thru quickly...
Thanks for the helpful information for women over 40 & dental problems.
Lawrence, NY

I spent a nice amount of time on your site this morning. 
I see a lot of additions since I was there the first time. 
I e-mailed a link to the Vegetarian Pyramid to a relative.  
La Brea/Hancock Park -  Los Angeles, CA

With all the alerts about salmonella, I was really grateful for your information
how to avoid food poisoning especially on how to take care of my kitchen.
Spartenburg, SC

I don't want to give my name or my specific location for obvious reasons
but you've helped me to find some help to get out of an abusive marriage

Just went thru Kosher Woman-it's very impressive-Kol Hakovod! Truly Amazing!
Monsey, NY

Thank you for putting this website together
Rockville, MD

I have visited KosherWoman.com & really like it.
So many tips. I'm telling all my friends about it
Tel Aviv, Israel


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