Shark Tank failure

One of our researchers saw the Scrub Daddy kitchen ‘sponge’ on Shark Tank. The inventors demonstrated how the sponge works & the sharks were so impressed that they fought over getting the ‘deal’ with the creator.  The sponge was bright yellow & had grooves that made it look like a smiley face.  They claimed you could control the texture of the sponge by dipping it in warm water if you wanted the sponge to be soft for easy to clean dishes, etc. or dipping it in cold water if you wanted the sponge to be firm to clean tough stains on pots, stove tops, etc.  The grooves in the sponge (eyes & mouth) that made it look like a smiley face were for silverware & utensils (mouth)  & the eyes were for small objects. No matter how dirty the object you cleaned was, the guarantee was that when you put the sponge in water it would be bright yellow with no residue.

When she finally saw the Scrub Daddy sponges in a QCI booklet, she bought several sets of 4 sponges hoping to have some for herself & her daughters & daughters-in-law to try.  But before she gave it to them, she wanted to test the sponges to see if they worked. She tried them on her stove top & on pans that had blackened bottoms.  They didn’t work.  She put a spoon with caked on crust stuck to it & used the ‘mouth’ area but that didn’t work either. She even used Scrub Daddy on the orgreenic pan she had blackened from trying to crisp vegetables. But that didn’t clean up either.  She soaked the sponge after all the experiments & some of the black residue from a pot would not go away.  So nothing the product promised worked.

The only good news here is that when she called the company, they said to ship them back  & they would refund her money minus the shipping costs.

Do product failures like this ever happen to you?

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