Here are some recent ones.

Jennifer was visiting Israel & sent us this question:
I'm in Jerusalem right now & can't seem to find Matcha?

We answered:

You can get it at Amazon or E-bay.
We don't know if it’s sold in Israel but If that's where you're staying for awhile,
keep asking stores that sell  Vegan & Vegetetarian food.

We recently received another e-mail from the woman
that she eventually found Matcha in a Jerusalem store.


Miriam from South Africa sent us this question:
Do you know anyone in South Africa who sells Shabbas makeup?
Also, do you know if you're allowed to remove makeup with a makeup wipe?

We have 2 pages about Shabbas Makeup so we know
2 women in New York who sell Shabbas Makeup.
So we sent the question to both of them & one answered.

She answered:
I have forward your email to my South Africa representative.
One is not allowed to use wipes. 
We can only use a liquid cleanser to apply to you face or to was off with water.
You cannot use cotton or wash clothes to wash off just water.
Dry with a paper towel & then a regular towel.


May from New York contacted us about where she could find
wigs in Manhattan, NY

We Answered:

Uptown Sheitel Maker Raffaele Mollica
(1) (212) 535-6735
318 E. 84th Street Near Second Avenue New, York, NY

Wigs and Plus
(1) (212) 675-4129
Opens 10 AM
37 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011

Freeda's Wigs
(1) (718) 771-2000
Opens 9:30 AM
779 E. New York Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11203

Human Hair Wigs by Esther Tobias
(1) (718) 382-0550
Opens 9:30 AM
1838 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11230

Irene's Wigs
(1) (718) 851-4770
Opens 9 AM
1249 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11219

Uptown Sheitel-Maker
Raffaele Mollica
Mollica’s painstakingly hand-knotted European hair wigs
even have their own nickname (“Ralfs”)
among local Orthodox Jewish women,
who are required after marriage to cover their real hair.

A routine consultation process with the former Vidal Sassoon wigmaker
(or sheitel-maker) can span multiple appointments, involving measurements,
adjustments & perusals of wig-filled closets.

Once the ideal texture, color & fit are nailed down,
he produces each work of follicular perfection i
n about four weeks; prices start at $3,800.




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