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Can I have a non-Jew drive me to the hospital on Shabbas or Yom Tov?


Can my husband & my mother came to the hospital
with me on Shabbas or Yom Tov & if a non-Jewish driver takes us?


How can I pay the non-Jewish driver who takes me to the hospital?


If I'm pregnant & feeling contractions on Shabbas or Yom Tov,
& I'm not sure it's true labor, can I call my doctor


If I'm able to walk into the hospital on Shabbas or Yom Tov
can I walk threw the electric doors?



Can I take antihistamines without certification?


Many medications are encased in gelatin capsules.
May these be used?

Rabbi Belsky, zt”l would differentiate between two types of gelatin capsules


Every Day Family Questions & Answers

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