Passover begins on the night of the fifteenth day
of the month of Nissan & lasts for eight days.

For each Seder, you will need the following:

You need a Passover Haggadah for each participant.

The following items should be placed on the Seder platter:

Kadesh - Making Kiddush

Urchatz - Washing the Hands

Karpas - Vegetable Dipped in Salt Water

Yachatz - Break the Middle Matzah

Magid - Telling The Story

Rachtzah - Washing the hands

Motzi - the Blessing on the Matzah

The leader of the Seder lifts all 3 Matzos & says the blessing for eating bread.

Matzah - Eating the Matzah

Maror - Eathing the Bitter Herb.

Korech - the Sandwich of Matzah and Maror

Shulchan Orech - the Prepared Table

Tzafun - Eating the Hidden Afikoman

Barech - Blessing after Meals

Hallel - Singing His Praises

Nirtzah - Acceptance of our Seder




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