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Since 2012 we have been putting up a new page about an Orthodox
Guest Friendly Shul on, every 2 weeks.

If we've missed your shul,
please send us information so we could put your shul on line also

We can also send you a page that will tell you what we need from you
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Q & A


Cold milk spilled on to a piece of cold roast.
If I rinse it off, can I eat the roast?

A piece of cold cheese fell onto a piece of cold meat.
What should be done?
Must one cut away the place where they touched?

  • Shulchan Aruch (YD 91:1) writes that if cold meat & cheese touch, they are both
    permitted without slicing off pieces, however the meat & cheese should be rinsed.
  • The Shach (91:1) qualifies the Shulchan Aruch’s ruling & explains that most
    foods (or presumably oily or greasy) should be rinsed, but dry foods are totally
    unaffected & nothing need be done
  • The Pischai Teshuva (91:1) writes that for greasy or oily foods, the meat & cheese
    should be brushed in conjunction with the rinsing.

I ate a potato that was cooked with meat.
Must I wait six hours?

  • A potato that was cooked with meat is referred to as a tavshil shel basar(a food
    cooked with meat)
  • Shulchan Aruch (YD 89:3) writes that there is no obligation to wait between eating
    a tavshil shel basar & eating cheese, however one is required to wash their hands.
  • The Rama writes that although this is the basic halacha, the custom, which should not
    be changed, is to consider a tavshil shel basar the same as meat itself. As such, in
    practice,if one eats a potato that was cooked in a meat stew, one must wait six hours
  • The Rama restricts eating actual cheese after eating a tavshil shel basar, but would
    allow eating a tavshil of gevina (a potato cooked with cheese) after eating a tavshil
    shel basar
    (a potato cooked with meat). However, Rebbi Akiva Eiger cites the
    Minchas Yaakov (76:11) who writes that today the common custom is to not allow
    this as well.
  • Thus, in this area of halacha, there is no practical difference between eating actual
    meat & food cooked with meat.



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