Black Strap Molasses has the most calcium of any vegan product

Calcium is needed for strong bones
but vegans don’t eat Dairy or Fish.

Believe it or not,
there are some food that have calcium
that Vegans can eat that will help them have strong bones.

Cup  = C  |  Ounce = oz  |  Tablespoon = T

Black Strap Molasses 2 T 400
Collard greens (cooked) 1 C 357
Quinoa Milk 8 oz 300 - 500
Tofu (processed with calcium sulfate) 4 oz 200 - 420
Orange juice (calcium-fortified) 8 oz 350
Soy or rice milk (calcium-fortified) 8 oz 200 - 300
Soy yogurt (plain) 6 oz 300
Turnip greens (cooked) 1 C 249
Tofu (processed with nigari) 4 oz 130 - 400
Tempeh 1 C 184
Kale (cooked) 1 C 179
Soybeans (cooked) 1 C 175
Bok choy (cooked) 1 C 158
Mustard greens (cooked) 1 C 152
Okra (cooked) 1 C 135
Tahini 2 T 128
Navy beans (cooked) 1 C 126
Almond butter 2 T 111
Almonds (whole) 1/4 C 94
Broccoli (cooked 1 C 62


Keep Your Bones Strong


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