A woman who is standing straight when speaking on her phone to help her avoid back pain

Your sleep position, your shoes & even the chair you sit in at work
can all affect how your back feels


Start the Day With Gentle Activity

Slow, gentle activity in the morning can help wake up tired muscles & stiff joints

Wear Comfortable Shoes

To help keep your back feeling healthy, choose comfortable, well-cushioned shoes

Start Exercise Gradually

Exercise is a great way to keep your back healthy.

Sit Comfortably

If your job requires you to sit for long periods,
make sure your chair has a straight back, an adjustable seat & armrests

Work Ergonomically

If you spend most of your day at a computer,
your work station can affect your back’s health

Take a Break

If you do a lot of sitting or standing during the day,
take a break every so often to move around.

Practice Good Phone Posture

Your shoulder may make a great phone
rest when you need to multitask in a pinch

Stand Smart

Standing for long periods can be stressful on your lower back

Learn To Lift Properly

Lifting kids & other heavy objects is a common source of back pain
Follow these tips to protect your back

Ask Your Doctor About Stairs

Taking the stairs is often suggested as a way to fit more exercise into your day

Adjust Your Driving Position

Driving long distances can put a strain on your low back
Follow these tips to help keep your back feeling good, even on the longest trips

Know What ExercisesTo Avoid

If you’ve had a back injury or are dealing with certain back conditions, there
may be some exercises that you shouldn’t do at all until your doctor gives approval

Push With Care

Activities that require pushing, such as vacuuming, using a stroller
& mowing the lawn can strain your lower back

Choose The Best Sleep Position

Sleeping on your side is the most common sleeping position

Keep Your Weight Down

Carrying extra weight on your body means more work for your lower back muscles

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