October 17th




October 3rd



  • AHARA RASA GHEE makes organic ghee in 7 flavors to make cooking whole, healthy foods, easy & delicious.They choose grass fed, organic & vat-cultured butter as their base, which is
    slow churned in an old style churn. (
  • BEN'S Pure Maple Syrup Brand is not certified Kosher. (OK)
  • COOKE AQUACULTURE CHILE Salmon Fillet (fresh & frozen), Salmon Fish Block frozen
    pieces,Salmon fresh and frozen portions, Salmon fresh & frozen slices, Salmon frozen fish
    block of pulp & Salmon whole fresh & frozen. (OU)
  • HALO TOP makes dairy & non-dairy ice creams. This product comes in a variety of calorie
    selections. (KOF-K)
  • H.E.B. Antacid Extra Strength - Assorted Fruit, Antacid Extra Strength - Tropical Fruit,
    Antacid Regular Strength - Assorted Fruit & Pepperment, Antacid Ultra Strength - Assorted Berries & Assorted Fruit, Dair Digestive Original Strength & Fiber Laxative Smooh Texture Powder - Orange. (Star- K)
  • PETIT POT These products are all dairy, Non-Cholov Yisroel. Caramel Pot de Creme,
    Chocolate Pot de Creme, Coffe Pod de Creme, Lemon Pot de Creme, Rice Pudding &
    Vanilla Pot de Creme. (Star-D)
  • TESSAME  has introduced the Creamy Ranch Pack – Habanero Ranch, Cream Ranch, Avocado Ranch & Bagel Ranch. (
  • TWO NEW RESTAURANTS in Canada Centro Cafe at 1 Promenade Circle Unit M1154 in Thornhill,Canada & Gladstone's Bistro at 5987 Bathurst Street, in Toronto, Canada. (COR)
  • WARBURTONS Gluten Free Range is know certified kosher in London. This applies even without the logo. (KLBD).

September 5th


  • 7-ELEVEN STORE at 11 Mile & Lahser in Detroit  is no longer under Kosher supervision for slurpees & iced coffee. (K-COR)
  • BEANBOY Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans are not Kosher certified. Some packages
    bear an unauthorized symbol. They also list butterfat in the ingredients. (OU)
  • CATAWBA CANDY CO. Dinner Mints sold at Family Dollar is not Kosher certified. Some packages mistakenly bear an unauthorized Kosher symbol.(OU)
  • FIRST STREET canned Marinara Sauce with Real Romano cheese has an unauthorized
    Kosher Symbol.Corrective actions are being implemented.  (OU)
  • SHOTTYS Party-Ready Gelatin Shots claims on the box “We’re Kosher”. In fact, this product
    has no Kashrus Certification & contains animal derived gelatin & should not be considered Kosher. (cRc)
  • SWAD  brand products from India, including spice powders, flours, bear a small Kosher
    symbol on the back of the package in the bottom left corner. This is not intended to be a
    Kashrus symbol & these products are not certified. (OK)


  • JACKSON’S HONEST Tortilla chips including Salsa Fresca, Lime Sea Salt & Nacho Cheese,
    Yellow Corn, Blue Corn & Red Corn plus Potato Chips including Sea Salt Vinegar,Purple
    Heirlooms, Sweet Potato & Sea Salt plus Grain Free Puffs including Crunchy Sweet Potato, Spicy Chedder & Cheese.  All products are made with coconut oil. (
  • TAKU CHERRY ORCHARD Maraschino Cherries, Large without Stems, Maraschino
    Cherries, Extra Large with Stems, Maraschino Cherries, Extra Large without Stems & Maraschino Cherries, Large with Stems. (OU)
  • TRADER JOE'S brand of Chocolate Brooklyn Babka, Mango Brooklyn Babka and Half
    Moon Cookies are Pas Yisroel and Yoshon. (OU – Pareve)

August 22nd


  • ECRUS a company based in Mexico has been using the Kof-K emblem.  Please report
    this to the Kof-K ith the exact details of the date & location that the product was seen.
    If anyone sees any products from Ercus with the KOF-K please call Rabbi Rosenbaum
    at (1) (201) 837- 1967 or email at
  • RANDSLAND Classic Coleslaw & Broccoli Slaw  was recalled due to Liseria Monocytogenes.
    Consumers should not consume the recalled products described below.
    Brand Name                           Common Name           Size     Code(s ) on Product UPC
    Randsland                              Classic Coleslaw           340 g    080118 0 57225 00007  0
    Randsland                              Classic Coleslaw           340 g    080118 0 57225 00008  7
  • TAFFY SHOP bears an unauthorized Kosher symbol on the packaging all flavors of Salt Water Taffy. Corrective actions are being taken (OK)
  • UNILEVER I can’t believe it’s not Butter, the Light One (28% fat) is labeled as OU on the tub
    & OU-D on the list. This product is pareve. The issue is being corrected. (OU) (Pareve)


  • CHOPSIE’S has a new cheese pretzel.  All natural, no preservatives & zero trans-fat. 
    Each box contains two cheese pretzels that can be heated & served. All natural, no
    preservatives & zero trans-fat. Bishul Yisroel, Cholov Yisroel & Yoshon. (cRc)
    (Star K Dairy)
  • MEDITERRANEAN ORGANIC Products are Garlic Stuffed Green Olives, Green Pitted
    Olives with Herbs, Jalapeno Stuffed Green Olives, Pitted Black Olives, Pitted Kalamata
    Olives, Kalamata Olives with Cumin & Red Pepper Stuffed Green Olive. (STAR-K) (Pareve)
  • PAN'S Mushrooms Jerky has a delicious umami taste & satisfying texture. This product
    originates from a decades-old family recipe that’s been updated with new flavors & simple, organic ingredients.Their Jerky is vegan, gluten-free, paleo friendly, a rich source of fiber
    & vitamin D & is delicious.This meaty-textured snack is exactly what herbivores crave &
    carnivores love. The Jerky comes in bags: Apple Wood BBQ, Sea Salt & Pepper, Original
    & Zesty Thai. (
  •  RHAPSODY NATURAL FOODS Produces Koji, Tempeh & Miso products. (OK)




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