Jewish Laws On
Taking Medication On Passover

Medication information for Passover

The following halachos (Jewish Laws) are based on
the psak (decision) of Rabbi Moshe Heinemann & Rabbi Gershon Bess


If someone's life is in danger or may be in danger
(Choleh Sh'yaish Bo Sakana)

Examples include the following


Someone whose life is not in danger
(Choleh Sh'ein Bo Sakana )

This includes anyone

When ever possible
one should use only medications that do not contain chometz


Slight discomfort (Mechush) OR In Good Health (Boh'ree)

One who is experiencing a slight discomfort (like slight joint pain or runny nose)
or who is in good health
may only take products that are chometz-free & are not considered kitniyos


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