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Ask our Rabbi your Passover Kashrus questions

What food products don't require Passover supervision
if they have hashgacha during the year?



Do I have to buy milk before Passover?

During the year I drink almond milk.
Can I use it on Passover if there in no P on the box?

Since I'm Lactose Intolerant, I take a Kosher chewable pill
before eating any dairy product. Can I use these pills on Passover?

I drink Lactaid milk during the rest of the year.
My doctor says I need the milk because my calcium level is low.
So can I drink Lactaid during Passover?



Can we use Sea Salt on Pesach?

Can I use basil & oregano on Pesach?

Is there a salt substitute I use during the year all right to use on Pesach?



I know there's a lot of vegetables forbidden on Passover.
Are there any raw fruits forbidden?

Can I use frozen strawberries on Pesach?



What vegetables are forbidden on Passover?

Jews of Ashkenazic heritage can't eat

Jews of Sephardic heritage can eat the above mentioned vegetables on Passover


Can frozen vegetables be used on Pesach?

Can I use bagged lettuce on Pesach?

Can I eat canned mushrooms on Passover?



It's difficult to get kosher for passover butter & margarine where we live.
 Can we buy new boxes of what I use during the year before Passover?

Can I use regular Baking Soda?

I'm on a gluten-free diet & am looking for Kosher L'Pesach Tapioca Starch.
Is there any that's Kosher L'Pesach?

Do I have to buy eggs?

Do sugar, sugar substitutes need Passover Supervision?

Is there a Kosher for Passover Cream of Tartar?

Whose supervision is on coconut water for Passover?

I am on a gluten-free diet & use coconut oil & flour to bake.
Do these products need a Passover label?

Does Apple Cider need Kosher for Passover Supervision



Do nuts need Passover supervision?

Any nutrition bars Kosher for Passover?

Guiltless Gourmet makes Flaxseed Crunch Bars nutrition bars in two flavors

Is there something else besides matza to use as a cracker?


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