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I rent an office.
Do I need to put a Mezuzah on the door post & in every room?


Can I attend a business conference that's held in a non-kosher restaurant? 


While pricing computers, a salesman promised to beat any price I found. 
I told him a cheaper quote I had received & he agreed to beat it. 
When I checked the quote, I realized it was for a cheaper computer. 
Do I need to tell the salesman my mistake or can I go with the agreed price? 


I am a Jewish lawyer in a country with a small Jewish population.
When we need a din Torah, we fly someone in from another country.

A Jew who is suing another Jew asked me to represent him.
The dispute is on a modest amount of money
which is less than the cost of bringing in a beit din.
May we sue in the non-Jewish courts?


May a Jewish store owner allow the store to be kept open on shabbas?


Can businesses list one price for immediate cash payment
& a higher price for credit or payment in installments?


A car dealer offers a 10% discount on next year’s model
if payment is made by May 30, four months before delivery.

May I take advantage of this offer?

Pre-payment discounts are often a forbidden form of ribbis;
they are the flip side of buying on credit for an added charge.


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