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I rent an office.
Do I need to put a Mezuzah on the door post & in every room?


Can I attend a business conference that's held in a non-kosher restaurant? 


While pricing computers, a salesman promised to beat any price I found. 
I told him a cheaper quote I had received & he agreed to beat it. 
When I checked the quote, I realized it was for a cheaper computer. 
Do I need to tell the salesman my mistake or can I go with the agreed price? 


I am a Jewish lawyer in a country with a small Jewish population.
When we need a din Torah, we fly someone in from another country.

A Jew who is suing another Jew asked me to represent him.
The dispute is on a modest amount of money
which is less than the cost of bringing in a beit din.
May we sue in the non-Jewish courts?


May a Jewish store owner allow the store to be kept open on shabbas?


Can businesses list one price for immediate cash payment
& a higher price for credit or payment in installments?


A car dealer offers a 10% discount on next year’s model
if payment is made by May 30, four months before delivery.

May I take advantage of this offer?

Pre-payment discounts are often a forbidden form of ribbis;
they are the flip side of buying on credit for an added charge.


My business is low on cash.

Can I offer my workers a bonus,
if they agree to delay payment of wages for a month?


My friend  borrowed my car & got into a car accident. 
She is, of course, paying for the damage caused to the car. 
But  now my insurance will go up.

Does she he have to pay me for the extra amount
that I will now have to pay for insurance


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