A shul in Houston flooded during the Hurricane   Houston Rabbi in canoe during the Hurricane


There is a major storm expected to arrive on Shabbas.
What are some possible halachic ramifications?


There is a major storm expected to arrive on Shabbas.
What special preparations should I make regarding
lighting candles (Hadlokas Neiros)?


Our electricity was restored on Shabbas & the lights in the house went back on.
Can we benefit from these lights even though they were restored on Shabbas?


If the electricity went off on Shabbas & was subsequently restored
a few hours later by non-Jewish workers,
what is the status of the re-heated food, such as cholent.


The electricity went off briefly on Shabbas
& now I have an alarm that is beeping louldy.

It is very disruptive. Can I ask a non-Jew to turn off the alarm.


Our electricity went off on Shabbas & I have a freezer full of meat.
The Eruv is still intact. My neighbor still has electricity.
May I transport on Shabbas the contents of my freezer to my neighbor?


If people could not come to shul because of the storm & the
Hashavua (Torah portion) was not read on Shabbas morning,
when should this Torah portion be read?


There is a power outage on Erev Shabbas
& I'm drawing electricity from a generator.

The generator only produces enough electricity
for either the lights or the air conditional.

I know that it's a mitzvah to light Shabbas candles
to promote Sholom Bayis.

Since I will light Shabbas candles to I fulfill the mitzvah without electric
lights, which allow me to use the electricity to operate my air conditioner.


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