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An Aguna lighting Shabbas candles




A burglar was found in our building on Shabbat afternoon.
We stopped him & asked for identification which he didn't have.
As it turned out after the confrontation, he pulled a knife & was on drugs.

Should we have immediatly called the police?


I didn't realize that I had a wallet in my pant's pocket until I got to shul.
I was very upset, but I didn’t know what to do.
I left it in my pocket, continued praying, but made sure that I didn’t touch it.

What should I have done?


Some have the custom when making ha'motzi on Shabbas
to make a small slice in one of the 2 loaves.

What is the reason for this custom?


When we're making ha'motzi on Shabbas,
why do we dip the bread in salt before eating it?


Can I touch a dog or cat on Shabbat?


I do exercise for health maintenance,
but I also do it for pleasure since it puts me in a good mood
& my body feels refreshed & relaxed.

May I lift weights, jump rope & calisthenics on Shabbas?


If a toilet gets clogged on Shabbas,
can one use a plunger to fix the toilet in case of need?


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