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May a dishwasher be koshered?

Can we cook on a BBQ that was used for non-kosher food
like a BBQ’s at parks & campsites?

Also, can an outdoor gas or charcoal grill be kashered?

Can a BBQ be used for both meat and fish?

Is there a way to kosher a microwave oven in a hotel room?

Is it possible to obtain hot, kosher meals on a cruise ship?

Is there a waiting time between eating something dairy
& then eating a meat meal?

Do I have to wait 6 hours to eat meat after eating aged cheese?

Many yogurts contain less than 1 percent gelatin.
Since the gelatin is a small amount, can it be argued that the gelatin
is nullified (batel) & these yogurts are technically kosher?

Can I drink coffee at a non-certified restaurant?

Is coffee from convenience stores, rest stops
& kiosks acceptable to purchase without certification?

I am planning a vacation to some foreign countries.
I drink regular milk so can I drink the milk in the countries I visit?


Am I permitted to bake my challah in the oven
at the same time that I'm baking meat?

What about right after the meat comes out of the oven?


Every Day Family Questions & Answers

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