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Milk & Meat


I am taking a cooking class.
I know that I am not permitted to cook meat & milk together.
May I put the ingredients together & ask a non-Jew to turn on the oven?

I am taking a cooking class where I don't have to cook.
I am required to prepare a dish that contains milk & meat.
However, I must marinate beef in a dairy dressing.
Is this permitted?

My office has a non-kosher toaster oven.
I see people heating pepperoni pizza (basar b’chalav) in it.
Am I permitted to heat up my sandwich in this toaster
if I double wrap my food in two layers of aluminum foil?

Can I place double wrapped food in a dirty, non-kosher microwave oven,
or must I be concerned that I might be cooking basar b’chalav?

Cold milk spilled into an empty fleishig pot.
The milk sat in the pot for more than 24 hours.
Does the pot need kashering?

I discovered that milk spilled in my refrigerator.
I don’t know when this happened but I found milk in my pot roast.
It is possible that the milk has been there for more than 24 hours,
in which case the milk would be absorbed in the pot.
I threw out the meat. Do I need to kasher the pot?

I have heard that some people wait past 5 or past 5 & a half hours
between meat & milk. What is the basis for this?

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