Q & A

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When is the appropriate time to begin studying the laws of Pesach?

What is special about Shabbat HaGadol?

What are Maot Chittim?

When do we do bedikat chametz when traveling?

We're going away 2 days before Pesach for the entire holiday.
Do we need to do bedikat (search) chametz at home before we leave?

When do we burn the chametz when traveling?

When do we sell the chametz when traveling?

Are any special precautions required
before eating in the workplace on Pesach?

What to do with chametz found on Pesach?

May a year-round, sous vide machine be used on Pesach if I am sure I only put meat, fish or vegetables inside the machine?

Also, can a sous vide machine used with chametz be Kashered for Pesach?

Extra Information About Kahser Sous Vide Machines

How do I kasher a barbecue grill for Pesach?

How do I kasher braces for Pesach?

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