Q & A

How does one honor Rosh Chodesh?

Why is it the custom that only women refrain from doing
melacha on Rosh Chodesh?

In the Jewish calendar, months are either 29 or 30 days in length.
Why is it that for a 29 day month (known as a choser
we observe only one day Rosh Chodesh, while for a 30 day month
(which is referred to as a moleh
) we observe 2 days Rosh Chodesh

Why do we call up four aliyos on Rosh Chodesh?

  1. We read an extra aliya on Rosh Chodesh to indicate that Rosh Chodesh has greater
    holiness than a regular weekday because of the korban musaf sacrifice.

  2. On Mondays & Thursdays people hurry to work, & the Rabbis limited the Torah reading
    to 3 aliyos.On Rosh Chodesh, people have more time & Torah reading is extended.

  3. Rashi & Tosfos (Megillah 22b) explain that although work is not forbidden on Rosh
    Chodesh,people do not rush to work since there is a custom for women to refrain from
    doing melacha.(The commentaries discuss why work-restrictions on women would be
    relevant to the mitzvah of mitzvah of kriyas ha Tora, which is primarily observed by men).

I forgot to recite Yaaleh V'Yavo in benching on Rosh Chodesh.
What should I do?

I forgot to recite Yaaleh V'Yavo in bentching on Rosh Chodesh.
Can I recite it at the end of bentching
as part of the Harachaman section?






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