Q & A


If I stay up all night on Shavuos,
may I make the morning brachos when I daven shacharis?


Is there a requirement to eat meat at each Yom Tov meal?


Why do people have a custom to eat dairy foods on Shavuot?


Does one have to eat an entire Milchig meal?


It is preferable to eat meat at the Yom Tov meals.
While some consider this to be an obligation,
others hold that there is no technical requirement to do so.


It is preferable to have meat both at the nighttime
& daytime meal of Yom Tov.

Those who have a practice to eat one dairy meal,
however, have what to rely on.

Why is the Book of Ruth read on Shavuos?


As a Moabite, why was Ruth allowed to convert to Judaism, given
the biblical injunction against accepting converts from the Moabite nation?









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