Shani Green & her family living in Alaska


KW:   What is your Kosher Woman challenge?

SG: I am originally from New York but I have been living in Anchorage Alaska since I married my husband, a born & raised Alaska native, 13 years ago. We get our meat shipped from Seattle.  Some kosher products are available in supermarkets & a Mormon natural pantry.  But there’s not a lot of choices & the prices are much higher than in the lower 48.  I pay $ 12 for a bottle of grape juice while my mother in New York pays $ 2.99.  But the most difficult challenge I’ve had to overcome is that there aren’t any Kosher restaurants or delis in Alaska. This is something I took for granted growing up in New York.

KW: How have you overcome this challenge?

SG: We have a tradition that when we travel, we eat all our meals at kosher restaurants.  We recently visited Los Angeles. We arrived at 10pm and even before we checked into our hotel, we went straight to the Pico-Robertson area to see if we could find an open kosher restaurant.  Our kids ate schnitzel, steak, deli as if they never had eaten before and kept thanking the food server for the delicious food. We also order "ready made”  frozen restaurant food & have it shipped to us.  We serve it as a ‘treat.’  It’s not exactly the same as eating out but it works for us. When I am done answering these questions, I am actually going to call a restaurant in L.A. to order more salami sticks and beef jerkey.  The kids love them! I find my kids to be lucky.  They have learned to appreciate things I never did growing up.

A moose sittin on the Green's front lawn on a summer Friday evening

A moose on the Green’s front lawn
on a summer Friday evening

It's not Shabbas yet even though it's 10pm


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