Waiting for a GET (Jewish Divorce) since 2007

An agunah lighting Shabbas candles  Lana Presser 2014

Lonna is a Real Estate Broker & the mother of 5 children.

KW:   What has been your most difficult challenge as a Kosher woman?

LK:  As a Kosher Woman, the most difficult challenge that I’ve had to face is that of being an AGUNAH.  An Agunah is a Jewish woman who is “chained“ to her marriage because her husband either is unable or refuses to grant her an official bill of divorce, or a 'get.'

According to Jewish law, a man is required to grant his wife a get of his own free will, for a divorce to be effective. Without a get or a “heter aguna” (halachic permission to remarry) no new marriage would be recognized, and children born from that marriage would be considered illegitimate, or “mamzerim.”

In the past, most aguna cases resulted from a husband disappearing, dying without clear evidence, or becoming mentally ill/ insane.  Of recent, many aguna cases arise as a result of a husband withholding a get in order to extort money, extract a more favorable divorce settlement, and/or get even with or punish his wife.

KW:  How have you overcome this challenge?

LK:  Waiting for a 'get' is very frustrating, but I have overcome other difficult challenges in my life, and I feel that Hashem will guide me through this one as well.

Instead of getting depressed and concentrating on the negative, I focus on my family, friends, work, and the positive aspects of my life. I have a strong support system; a combination of wonderful parents and relatives, and special friends. 

I firmly believe that Hashem is putting me through these tests so that I can learn and grow, improve my character, and assist others.  From my experience, I have gained much insight and a greater understanding of the plight of agunot  in general.  When people come to me for advice regarding similar matters, I try to guide them and give them hope.

Additionally, I advocate for newly engaged couples to sign a prenuptial agreement for a 'get,' to hopefully, change the system and prevent others from unnecessary suffering.

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