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KW:  What challenge have you had to overcome as a Woman?

Anonymous: Since childhood, I have had a pattern of overeating, mostly on sweets. I always battled overweight, only hitting a normal weight twice in my life & maintaining it less than a year. For many years, I gave up & just tried to accept myself as overweight, but I was never really happy with myself. Finally, I felt that my eating patterns were interfering with me reaching my potential in life & it became the most important thing to me to overcome this problem.

KW:  How did you overcome this challenge?

Anonymous: For years I did a lot of personal development: therapy, meditation, retreats &, of course, prayer. Of course, I tried many diet programs too. But over many years none of it had conquered the problem. I even tried self-hypnosis!  My problem was affecting my marriage, my relationship with my kids, my success at work &, of course, my health. I was ready to accept a real change.

In my many quests for overcoming the sugar addiction, I finally found, a free self-help group where food addicts help other food addicts. There are meetings on the phone, on line & in various cities. The premise is that sugar addiction is a bio-chemical disorder, not a neurosis. The solution is to eliminate sugar, flour & wheat & ultimately—all processed foods from your diet.

This was the missing link for me. I wasn’t sure if it would work, but someone in the group told me to try it for 30 days & see how I felt. The results were amazing. First of all—I could keep the plan for 30 days—that itself was unusual. Most importantly, my head cleared & my emotions came into balance.

KW: What do you do about challah?

Anonymous: The day I decided to do this program was my son’s bar mitzvah. He had the parshah about the Nazir who among other things gave up Kiddush as an act of service to Hashem. I figured if he could give up Kiddush, then for my health, I could give up challah. I have made my eating program an act of service to Hashem.

Anonymous : It has been over 18 months since I started. I reached my goal weight after a year. All my relationships are better & my health is fabulous. Plus I feel very proud of myself & relieved of something that had plagued me for most of my life.     


Although the rules of prohibit us from publishing
on-line the name of the woman whose story you just read,  we can tell you that she overcame a lifelong obsession with food. She had struggled with anywhere from 25-60 lbs of overweight throughout her life and now maintains a normal weight.


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