18 CHAI - HAIKU Haiku sign

            1. Did you know a Jew,
              If she has a poet's heart,
              Can write haiku, too?

            2. Under the kippah,
              Plastered on a shining pate,
              Strands still sprouting there.

            3. Shabbas flames flicker,
              Sheltered eyes and open hands,
              An uplifted heart.

            4. Red shabbas roses,
              blossoms gathered to bouquets,
              Beautiful Sabbath.

            5. Potato kugel -
              Wet or dry variety?
              Jewish conundrum.

            6. Is lox "is" or "are"?
              Salty, delicious morsels,
              Fish grammar game.

            7. Warm mikvah waters
              Wash between fingers and toes,
              Cleansing the spirit.

            8. Diaphanous wings;
              Angels hover in Eden.
              Farewell to Adam.

            9. Soy matza ball soup?
              Jewish vegetarian
              Guests not wanted here.

            10. Gingerly, she touched,
              "Oh Zayde, you hair is 'broke'!"
              This old bald head.

            11. Long, dark brown tresses
              Curling near the graying brows;
              Bless this young shaytel.

            12. Three stars in the sky,
              Havdalah's bright flame is doused
              Time for the movies.

            13. Boughs on the sukkah,
              Recalling ancestors past.
              Chandelier inside.

            14. Eight flickering lights -
              One more to serve the others,
              End of Hannukah.

            15. Well known Jewish sons,
              Bob Dylan, Freud, Harpo Marx,
              Rich and the famous.

            16. Wit and wisdom joined,
              We sit at the mentor's feet,
              A zaddik is born.

            17. Best storyteller
              Isaac Bashevis Singer,
              Gifts from a great mind.

            18. Bitter yom tov herbs,
              Maror bites and burns the tongue,
              Like loshen hora.


© Janice Fitzgerald Davis
Harrisburg, PA


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