Shalom Bayis

Shalom Bayis

A man was sitting on the subway after a long day at work.
He was tired & had a headache.

He sits next to another man with 4 kids
all running around making noise & fooling around.

Finally he couldn’t take it anymore & told the father to take better care of his kids.
The father with tears in his eyes says, “I'm sorry, my wife just passed away . 
I’m distraught & thinking how I am going to go on from here.” 


A woman comes home from work tired
& she didn’t feel like she has enough energy to make dinner. 

Her husband calls her & she tells him how tired she is. 
He offers to bring home dinner so she won’t have to cook. 
He says he’ll get pizza.  She’s not crazy about pizza but she says ok.

She sets the table & relaxes while waiting for him to come home.
  He calls & says he’s giving up on the pizza because the line is too long. 

She's thinking there are several other pizza stores in the neighborhood
so why didn’t he just go to another pizza place before giving up. 

But she said ‘Don’t worry about it.
Just come home & I’ll put something together.' 

  Instead of berating her husband
when he entered the door she greeted him warmly.

An argument that could have hurt their marriage was avoided.


Shalom Bayis


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