Marci Rapp & her husband

A peaceful home

KW:   What has been your most difficult challenge as a Kosher Woman?        

 My husband & I started a business in Israel manufacturing modest swimwear. We work together every day all day long. We needed a car in order to travel to the bank, the supplier, the manufacturer, the pattern maker.

Before having a car, we never fought about being lost. We walked everywhere & used a paper map. Life was slower paced. But with the car, we’d be travelling at high speeds on the highway, missing exits that I didn’t know existed, taking exits too early not realizing that it was supposed to be the next one. Of course there were never any street signs. The instructions as to what was up ahead at the intersection were never repeated at the intersection. Then there were all the one way streets that didn’t show up on my paper map & the print was too small on the paper map.

The arguments that ensued made me feel that our long-standing marriage was in jeopardy. We both felt badly & didn’t enjoy or look forward to what we were doing together. We even agreed to relationship counselling to get over this hump as we knew that travelling in a car together to unknown territory was necessary for our business but was breaking the shalom bayis in our marriage. 

KW:  How have you overcome this challenge?

 I discovered the iPHONE which I assumed would be too high-tech for me since I was used to a Kosher Phone which does not have internet features on it. But then I found that the iPhone had features that would help our SHALOM BAYIS. 

It has the capability to have Google Maps on it with a GPS feature. I was able to pre-route the trip & follow the purple line. I am good with maps, so I could always figure out the end-point where we needed to go, but I often couldn’t figure the best route. Now, if by some chance we get lost, with the iPHONE, I just need to reprogram the purple line in order to be rerouted.

 No more arguments. No more tension. My husband now knows to pull over when we’re lost so I can reprogram the route. Then we smile at each other & thank Hashem that we didn’t fight. Using technology to reduce the stress that was causing the arguments turned out to be such simple solution. We now have Shalom Bayis & look forward to celebrating our 29th anniversary B”H.

Marci Rapp for her Shalom Bayis tool - her I Phone


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