Q & A

Ask the Rabbi about the 3 weeks & Tisha B'av



What is forbidden during the three weeks?


Are engagements permitted?


Which type of music is forbidden?


May one learn or teach to play an instrument?


Can you without musical accompaniment?

It is permitted to sing


Could you dance without musical accompaniment?


Can a women have a haircut?


Can children have a haircut?


Could a boy have his first haircut
when reaching the age of three during the 3 weeks?


Can I trim my beard?


Could I trim my mustache?


Can I shave my legs?

Could I pluck my eyebrows?



Is it ok to buy new shoes for Tish B’Av?


Can I shave my beard during the 3 weeks
if I just finished mourning my father?

Since you were unable to shave or have a haircut before the three weeks,
you may do so until Rosh Chodesh


Chart of the Laws of the 3 Weeks

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