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were inspired by the meaningful translation of the morning brachas
by one of our first visitors to
Quick Answers To Women's Prayer Questions

They asked for more examples on how prayer can be more meaningful to them

Here are some answers supplied by visitors
plus that first response that inspired so many of you


I was feeling guilty that I can't become 100% observant overnight.

A teacher explained that a phrase in the 'Shema' tells us
that HaShem doesn't expect us
to learn all 613 mitzvahs immediately


Awhile ago I read this in a Jewish magazine so I'm paraphrasing

A teenager told his Rabbi that is was difficult for him to daven
because the prayers had no meaning for him


Here is an example that was sent to us by a woman
who 'thinks' the following phrases after she says each bracha in Hebrew

Please send us what you think of while davening
that might help others



A page with HELP for women

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Zav law can help if you don't think you'll get a fair judgement from your local Bais Din is a reliable kosher supervision agency

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Sanctity of the Synagogue the only book on separate seating in the synagogue (Mechitza)

Puah is an organization that helps with infertility problems



Operation Embrace assists victims of terror

A book about marriage


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