Israeli combat soldiersw

May the One Who blessed our ancestors,
Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, David & Solomon,
bless the kidnapped & captive soldiers, including among them

May the Holy One, Blessed be He,
watch them & save them from all trouble
& oppression & from all evil & injury.

May He be filled with mercy for them,
to cause them to recover& to heal them,
to strengthen them & to invigorate them
& to bring them speedily to freedom,
to return to the embrace of their families.

May they merit long lives & years of much strength & peace.

In the merit of our forefathers, may the descendants be saved
& fulfill through them the verse i(in Psalms 142:8),
‘Release my soul from imprisonment to praise Your Name’
swiftly & soon & let us all say Amen.

Based on a Prayer for the Captured Israeli Soldiers
by Chief Rabbi HaRav Yonah Metzger

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