Woman cleaning her counter to protect against food contamination WHEN TO CALL A DOCTOR

If you have these symptoms

            • Bloody diarrhea
            • Frequent diarrhea or vomiting
            • Stiff neck with a severe headache
            • Dizziness
            • Blurred vision
            • High or persistent fever


If you suspect a foodborne illness
but the above symptoms haven’t definitely materialized

  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Rest

If some symptoms last more than a day or two
or if new symptoms occur from the above list


If some of the suspect food is available

  • Wrap it up securely
  • Label it “DANGER”
  • Place it in your refrigerator
  • If it was packaged save the carton can or other packaging material

Call your local health department
to report the incident if the suspect food was

  • From a restaurant or other food service facility
  • A packaged food sold at stores
  • Eaten at a large gathering of people such as a Kiddush, wedding or family reunion

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