Every Day Family Questions & Answers




    May women eat before davening?


Is a man permitted to eat before davening Shacharis?


Are women obligated to recite 100 brachas daily?


 Does a woman getting married
have to wear a wig (sheitel) during the entire wedding?


Does a widow or a divorcee have to cover her hair?

HaGoan HaRav Moshe Feinstein (ZTL) ruled that should a divorcee or widow
feel that uncovering her hair would enhance her ability to acquire a match (shiddich)
she is permitted to do so. (Igrot Moshe, Even HaEzer 1:57 and 4:32#4)


If my husband & I are in a place
where going to the mikva would cause embarrassment,
can the mikvah be pushed off to after Shabbat
if both the husband & wife agree that would be a better idea?


Do you have to wash Netillas Yadayim (with or without a berachah) after
getting up in the middle of the night with the intention of going back to
sleep again soon after for instance to calm a crying child or to feed a baby?



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