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Coca-Cola Freestyle (US) & 100 Flavors of Coke (Canada) soda fountains
allow consumers to create their own mix of flavors.
Are all the flavors kosher?

Coca-Cola Freestyle

The Coca-Cola Freestyle & the 100 Flavors of Coke
are OU certified in the United States & Canada.


Does anyone give supervision for Chia Seeds?

Chia Seeds


I heard that Gogi Berries are very healthy.
Do they need supervision?

Gogi Berries


A lot of recipes call for Sherry Vinegar. Is it kosher?

The OU certified Mizkan Sherry Vinegar is only available on the industrial level.


I'm on a gluten-free diet & like to bake.
Is their a Kosher gluten-free baking powder?

Baking powderBaking powderBaking powderKosher baking powder in Canada

Clabber Girl, Davis & Rumford baking powder
are certified kosher by the OU

In Canada, Magic baking powder
is certified by the Kashruth Council of Canada


Does applesauce need supervision?

Kosher apple sauce


  I saw the question about yogurt. What about cottage cheese?

Cholov Yisroel cottage cheese  Knudsen cottage cheese

Many brands use vinegar in their production of cottage cheese
so only buy the products with kosher supervision


I'm new to becoming observant. Does yogurt need a kosher symbol?

Greek yogurt  Stonyfield yogurt

Gelatin is often an ingredient in yogurt
so yogurt requires kosher supervision


I need to eat Gluten-Free foods.
Since it's for my health can I buy products without kosher supervision?

Gluten Free sign


Target Worcestershire Sauce is kosher

Target's Market Pantry has a Worcestershire sauce with an OU.
The ingredients list includes anchovies.
Shouldn't they have the word 'fish' to the side of the OU
so we'd know not to use it at a meat meal?


Star olive oil

Star garlic flavor olive oil has an OU in the small size bottle
but not in the large bottle. Is the large bottle also kosher?


Morningstar has may products with a kosher supervision symbol
but there are 1 or 2 of their products that don't have a symbol.
Can I assume that the company's other products are kosher
but just don't have the label updated?

Vegetarian Buffalo Wings with kosher supervision


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