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Double ovens

I want to serve the food as hot as possible for the Friday night meal.
Can I pre-arrange with a non-Jew so I'm not instructing her on Shabbos
to turn the oven off after Shabbas has begun?


Can I grill fish & meat on the same barbeque grill?

Barbeque grill


Can I use a dairy food processor to chop onions
& then put the onions into a recipe that has meat in it?


If I an aluminum tin with chicken in it has some gravy on the bottom,
can I put it on a warmer (blech) on Shabbas to warm it for our lunch? 


I accidentally cooked milk in a clean fleishig pot
that wasn't used in the past 24 hours.
What is the status of the milk? What is the status of the pot?


May I cook in a non-kosher pot
provided it has not been used in the past 24 hours (aino ben yomo)?


Intro On Keeping Kosher

Keeping Kosher - Page 1 | Kosher Equipment & Utensils

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A page with HELP for women

A financial guide to Aliyah & Life In Israel

Zav law can help if you don't think you'll get a fair judgement from your local Bais Din

EarthKosher.com is a reliable kosher supervision agency

Echo is an organization that helps people find doctors for their special needs

Jewish Idenity  - Who Is A Jew?

The National Institute For Jewish Hospice

WILL TRAVELA Jewish comedian

Marriage & Love

Logo ad for ORA an organization that assists women who need help getting a Jewish Divorce - a Get

Sanctity of the Synagogue the only book on separate seating in the synagogue (Mechitza)

Puah is an organization that helps with infertility problems



Operation Embrace assists victims of terror

A book about marriage


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