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Can I use my good china that I haven't used
for a whole year on Passover?



During the year, I put double layers of foil on my blech on Shabbas.
Can I clean the blech & put double layers of foil on it for Pesach?

No, you need a separate Passover blech.


Can we use paper towels without Passover Supervision

You may use paper towels without Passover supervision
but don't use the first 2 pieces or the last 2 pieces
that may have touched the wrapping or the cardboard center.


Do household products like foil, plastic wrap &
plastic plates need special Passover supervision?

OU certified products in the following catagories
are acceptable as kosher for Passover
even if they are not listed individually on the grey pages.


Does parchment paper need Pesach hashgacha?


We just moved into a new house. The former owners weren't Jewish.
Can the granite counters be kashered for Pesach?


This is my first time doing Passover in my home.
How do I clean my electric stove top?


Do I have to kosherize my microwave for Pesach?

Test your microwave to see if the walls become hot when used

If you can keep your hand there for 15 seconds


It's expensive to keep my oven on for 2 days.
So could I make my warming drawer kosher l'Pesach & use that instead?


We just moved into a new house. The former owners weren't Jewish.
The counters are granite. Do I have to Kasher the counters for Pesach?


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